Silk Moths
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Silk Moths Mating

This is the last generation of Silk Moths for this season, here at Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, as our Mulberry trees have lost their leaves. The eggs will be collected and kept in the fridge until September, when the Mulberry trees grow new leaves. The process will start again!  

territorial butterflies
Fun Facts, Our Butterflies

Friday Fun Fact – Territorial Butterflies

Did you know? Some species of butterflies can be quite territorial. For example, Common Eggfly butterflies are some of the most territorial butterflies around. They will choose one spot that they consider to be theirs, and chase away any intruders including Cairns Birdwings which are more than twice their size. Walking through the Butterfly Sanctuary, you often […]

Kuranda Weddings
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Butterfly Releases for Weddings

We’ve talked about having your wedding at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, but did you know we can also help you with butterfly releases for weddings? Releasing butterflies at weddings has become a popular new tradition. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to rice, confetti and balloons … and is a beautiful way to celebrate your union! The butterfly […]

lemon migrant butterflies
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Friday Fun Fact – Lemon Migrant Butterflies

We are excited to have beautiful sun-yellow Lemon Migrant butterflies (Catopsilia Pomona) at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary now. They are a vibrant, striking butterfly. Their wing colour can vary from yellow to creamy white, with dark margins. Their caterpillars are a well camouflaged green colour with creamy white lines along each side. The Lemon Migrant […]