Colourful months ahead of us

How rainy was this April’s weather? Quite annoying was it for us human beings dealing with flooded roads and the noise of constant raindrops on our houses’ roof. However, due to the latest weather conditions being wetter than previous years – we can expect colourful months ahead of us. In particular, up here in North Queensland, the current weather is excellent for a butterfly boom, according to scientists.

The blue Ulysses, the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary icon, is considered a threatened species, and its status is below endangered. But this is certainly good news, and we keep our fingers crossed we can enjoy this beautiful species, which is also called the Blue Mountain Butterfly, in our backyards in Tropical North Queensland.

If you want to contribute to the conservation of the Ulysses butterflies, plant their favourite plants in your gardens, such as Geijera species, Halfordia kendack or Ixora. Providing habitat to the animals makes them feel welcome in your garden and creates an abundance of their favourite food.

Did you know butterflies are in particular attracted to bright colours, such as red and pink? Make sure you wear clothes in those colours on your next visit to the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary and take a selfie with one of our 1500 tropical butterflies. Don’t forget to tag us when uploading the photo on Instagram.