Quiz: What Butterfly Are You?

What butterfly are you?

It doesn’t get much more majestic than butterflies! But have you ever wondered which of these beautiful fluttering insects best represents you?

Take our quiz to find our what butterfly you are!

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What Butterfly Are You?
Cairns Birdwing

cairns birdwing butterfly on flower australian butterfly sanctuary

You are all things bright and beautiful, just like the Cairns Birdwing! This butterfly is the largest one in Australia with a wingspan of over 16cm. Males are a bright green colour and females tend to be duller and black, white and yellow. The male isn't one to give up easily on the ladies and can be spend up to 36 hours patrolling competing males who have invaded his territory.

butterfly courtship

Elusive, dreamy and striking, you are the iconic Ulysses Butterfly! This Wet Tropics celebrity can be spotted fluttering below the rainforest canopy, it's electric blue wings glistening in the sun. These incredible creatures dance a morse code through their wings to confuse predators. This butterfly has good taste from a very young age and the caterpillars rest on a pad of silk when not feeding!

monarch butterfly australian butterfly sanctuary

You are beautiful, majestic and have seen a lot of the world, but if threatened, you will "poison" your enemies! The Monarch Butterfly can be found in most of the world and famously makes a 3,000 mile annual migration from Mexico to North America. This social butterfly is known to congregate in groups of millions to create an unusual and incredible micro-climate! The caterpillars are big eaters and one caterpillar can consume an entire milkweed in just 5 minutes.
Red Lacewing

red lacewing butterfly

This pretty and poisonous butterfly is striking and admirable, but knows when to defend itself when it needs to! The Red Lacewing is the only predominately red butterfly in Australia and one of the few predominately red butterflies in the world. This beauty can be seen fluttering around the rainforests of Tropical North Queensland, as well as in North Queensland, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. They are most active in the morning and can often be seen basking with their wings half open.
Cruiser Butterfly

Cheeky, energetic and fast-paced, you are the Cruiser Butterfly! This stunning orange butterfly is native to Australia and can be found from the tip of Cape York and down the Queensland East Coast to Mackay. Mainly feeding at night, this fluttery fella feeds on the passion fruit vine. Not one to be fooled by others, the Cruiser has "eye spots" that trick predators. This brush-footed butterfly has a wingspan from 7.5 to 8.2 centimetres and have intricate patterns consisting of lines and dots.

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