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Take you time and take a leisurely stroll through the butterfly aviary or you can also join a tour behind the scenes in the breeding laboratory, housing up to 4,000 caterpillars, or download a free audio tour. Learn more about these magical creatures with our educational exhibits. Observe a butterfly wing through a microscope, Silk Moth caterpillars, the massive Hercules Moth, and the insects in our Mini Beasts display. See through the eyes of a butterfly in the UV Room and be amazed at butterflies from all over the globe in our museum displays.

Learn about caterpillar food host plants and how they are used in our laboratory on our new food plant walk. Our butterflies are reared on the premises. Our laboratory staff collect eggs daily and ‘hand-raise’ the caterpillars right through to the chrysalis stage, until they are released as butterflies into the aviary daily.

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