Butterfly Magic

Special Events

Can you imagine a more beautiful setting for a wedding or a special morning/afternoon tea than the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary? 

Inside the Butterfly Aviary, a bridge and gazebo, situated above one of the ponds, is perfect for a wedding ceremony. The bridge makes for a stunning platform for the bride, groom and celebrant with plenty of vantage points for guests, whilst the gazebo is perfectly placed for signing the bridal registry. 

Special occasions

Wedding & Celebrations

Do locations get more romantic than being surrounded by over 1200 butterflies? Your wedding day will be full of both metaphorical and physical butterflies as you say your vows surrounded by 1200 free-flying colourful butterflies. Enjoy a ceremony on the fairytale Myths and Legends bridge, which makes a fantastic platform for the bridge and from, with vantage points around the aviary. We can even arrange for butterflies to be released as you say your vows! Australian Butterfly Sanctuary caters for weddings with up to 60 guests and has many magical ceremony locations.

We suggest that bride and groom wear some brightly coloured flowers to encourage the butterflies to come and land on them. We also recommend that guests wear bright colours (white, pink or red) to attract butterflies during the ceremony.

After your ceremony, Tropic Wings Cairns Tours & Charters can transfer you and your guests over to Rainforestation Nature Park for your wedding reception.

Here, There and Everywhere

Butterfly Releases

Another service that the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary can offer is a live butterfly release at your wedding. This can be done in any location you choose in Far North Queensland.

Butterflies are placed into small decorative boxes or envelopes for you and your guests to release at an appropriate time.

The types of butterflies that you could expect in a release are Cruiser Butterflies, Common egg Butterflies, Red Lace Wing Butterflies, Orange Lace Wing Butterflies, Lurcher Butterflies & Orchard Butterflies. The varieties will vary depending on seasonality and availability.

We need a minimum of 1 month's notice to be able to breed enough butterflies for your wedding. We are unable to release Ulysses Butterflies and Cairns Birdwing Butterflies.

Price on application.