5 Stunning Red Butterflies

Red butterflies are undoubtedly striking, so much so, that there are many myths and symbols surrounding them.

As a matter of fact, some Native American tribes believe that a red butterfly is a sign of a powerful spirit.

On the other hand, a red butterfly was actually believed to be a disguised witch in ancient Scotland!

Today we introduce you to five stunning red butterflies from around the world.

Red Lacewing

red lacewing butterfly australian butterfly sanctuary

Scientific name: Cethosia bilbis

From: Australia, South-East Asia

Host plant: Adenia heterophylla

Fun fact: This ruby red butterfly is the only predominately red butterfly in Australia. You can meet them at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

Scarlet Peacock

Photo source: learnaboutbutterflies.com

Scientific name: Anartia amathea

From: South America

Host plant: Acanthaceae

Fun fact: The stunning Scarlet Peacock butterfly is known to group in large masses of hundreds of butterflies, although it is very rare to spot.

Red Admiral

red butterflies red admiral
Photo source: wikipedia.com

Scientific name: Vanessa atalanta

From: North Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean

Host plant: Stinging nettle and false nettle

Fun fact: This butterfly is known to hibernate and individual butterflies emerge from hibernation with darker colouring.

Peacock Butterfly

Photo source: butterfly-conservation.org

Scientific name: Aglais io

From: Great Britain and Europe

Host plant: Common nettle

Fun fact: The red peacock has large eyespots that confuses predators into thinking that it is a larger animal, such as an owl.

Postman Butterfly

Photo by Greg Hume via wikipedia.com

Scientific name: Heliconius melpomene

From: Mexico, Central America

Host plant: Passiflora

Fun fact: The patterns on the wings of these red butterflies vary greatly due to their geographical locations.