The Ulysses Butterfly is back in the aviary

Ulysses Butterfly

The Ulysses is back in the aviary!! For the first time since September last year (2022), we have some newly-released Ulysses in the Aviary. They’re a short-lived species, so if you want a chance to see one, get here quick! For some background, there was a catastrophic collapse in the breeding of the Ulysses back in 2015. This affected all Australian breeders. Since then, we’ve had issues with getting them beyond the fourth generation, and we don’t often get that far. Add to that the fact that they have a lifespan of just a few weeks, and you can see why we need to constantly breed replacements. We live in constant hope. Loads of research has gone into the Ulysses’ decline: everything from CSIRO (our federal scientific research organisation) to universities, Biosecurity Queensland, and our own research. It was all inconclusive. In fact, if you’re a local who fancies attracting the Ulysses into your garden, you could grab hold of Melicope elleryana (Pink Euodia). This is the plant that the Ulysses lays her eggs on, and the food plant for the Ulysses caterpillar once it hatches. Good luck!