Fun Facts

Butterfly Colours – what do they like?

Butterfly colours … no, we’re not talking about what our butterflies look like, but instead, what they see! We say it often, but butterflies love pink, red and white … but do you know why? Butterflies have immobile, compound eyes that can see a vast array of color. Unfortunately for them, they are a little bit […]

Our Butterflies

The Cairns Birdwing Butterfly

The Cairns Birdwing butterfly is the largest of all Australian butterflies and found along northeastern Australia from Mackay to Cooktown. Its scientific name is Ornithoptera euphorion The male birdwing is green, gold and black and is very colourful, compared to the female which is black and white, with some yellow. The female is bigger than the […]

Our Butterflies

The Ulysses Butterfly

The Ulysses butterfly is one of Tropical North Queensland’s most distinctive and unique butterfly species. Their scientific name is papilio ulysses A lot of our visitors come to our sanctuary purely to see the iridescent blue butterfly in flight, and to try and snap a photo. They are considered to be one of the most […]


New Bridge & Gazebo

What could be more romantic than taking your wedding vows surrounded by butterflies! The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary has recently opened its Butterfly Lovers Bridge and a gazebo where couples can have their wedding ceremony. Make sure you visit and read our series of Butterfly legends, myths and magical folklore which pay tribute to these unique creatures.