How to attract butterflies to your garden

Start by making your garden as pesticide-free as possible. Certain pesticides can kill butterflies, so be careful what you use in your garden.

You also need to find the plants that are native to your area, and native to the butterflies and their caterpillars. For example, the Lacewing Vine will attract the Orange Cruiser, Red Glasswing and Orange Lacewing. Check out this list of butterfly plants for information about what plants you should have to attract different species of butterflies.

Butterflies like their sun, so plant the trees in areas with access to full sunlight. If you are in a high-wind area, consider putting in some wind breaks – butterflies don’t like too much wind!

Butterflies love bright colours – they see on the UV spectrum – so make sure you have lots of colourful flowers around, especially hot pink, white and red. This gives the butterflies plenty of options for nectar as well.

It’s also good to have a shallow dish of muddy water available – butterflies like to sit in the water and suck the moisture from the soil.