7 Ways You Can Help Butterflies and Moths

When butterflies and moths flourish, so do most birds, bats and freshwater fishes. As pollinators (day and night!), they help plant life as well. They recycle waste material too, by eating rotten flesh and vegetation. Did you know that some species – for example, the Ulysses butterfly – have been in decline over the last […]

How To Take Perfect Butterfly Instagram Photos

instagram butterfly shot girl with butterfly on her nose

When it comes to butterflies, getting that perfect shot for the ‘gram can be a little bit of a challenge. Flapping wings, fluttering bodies and focal changes can leave your camera memory card emptier than a schooner on a bucks night. So how exactly do you take perfect butterfly Instagram photos? From tips on framing, […]

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary 30th Birthday

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary has celebrated its landmark 30th year of operation! Initially designed and built by Paul and Sue Wright in 1987, the Woodward Family The CaPTA Group purchased a one half share of the business in 2004 and then the remaining share in 2007. Since owned by the The CaPTA Group, many extensions and […]

Butterfly Eyes – How Do They See Colour?


Butterfly eyes are unique and function differently compared to the human eye. Although butterflies may not have a human’s sharp eye, there vision beats ours in other ways!  The different colours and patterns that butterflies can see are invisible to the human eye. This is because their eyes are better at picking up fast moving […]

Australian Butterfly Life Cycle

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

There are many different sections within the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, each are crucial to the development and conservation of these beautiful creatures. Once you walk through the reception and gift shop you will enter the main aviary. Butterflies can fly freely throughout this area, and there is huge number of different species all around you. […]

Olive-backed Oriole

A local gentleman rang the Sanctuary recently to tell us about a bird that has been eating Cairns Birdwing butterfly caterpillars off the vine that grows in his garden. This was interesting, as Cairns Birdwing caterpillars and butterflies are poisonous for birds to eat. The gentleman has watched the bird come and systematically search the […]