toddler in front of ulysses butterfly wings at australian butterfly sanctuary
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5 Awesome Australian Butterfly Sanctuary Photos To Copy

There is something so beautiful and intricate about butterflies. With colourful, detailed wings and tiny adorable faces, photographing butterflies is a fascinating art for itself. The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary provides a smorgasbord of beautiful photo opportunities. As well as providing a range of colourful tropical butterflies, the aviary itself has some spots that are so […]

butterfly feeders
Park Diary

New Butterfly Feeders

We have new butterfly feeders! After 29 years, our original feeders are starting to wear out and the product is no longer available. Additionally, some of our new species only have short proboscis that couldn’t reach the nectar through the old feeder lids. Tina, our Lab Supervisor, has designed new feeders that have different colours. […]

welcome to koko
Park Diary

Welcome to Koko!

We’re a bit belated, but please join us in welcoming Koko to our team here at Australian Butterfly Sanctuary! Pepe has abandoned us to go traveling (oh no!), so Koko has stepped into the lab to take over. It’s a busy job feeding and caring for 3000 hungry little caterpillars every day, so we are […]

Park Diary

Morning Tea at the Sanctuary

On Tuesday this week, we hosted a morning tea for a group of local ladies from Cairns. They started their visit with a guided tour of the sanctuary, learning about our butterflies and their life cycle. Once they were done, we served tea and coffee with nibbles on the deck between our Aviary and Laboratory. The […]

Birdwing butterfly display
Park Diary

Birdwing Butterfly Display

We are excited to announce our new Birdwing Butterfly Display in our museum! David, who works in our breeding laboratory, has been breeding butterflies since he was 9 and also pins and sets butterflies for display. He has helped to create this masterpiece, and it looks wonderful in our museum! Make sure you check it […]