A guaranteed smile awaits at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

It is no secret that these delicate, winged creatures are uplifting. It’s a thrill to see an emerald and sun-yellow Cairns Birdwing and the Blue Triangle will simply take your breath away.

Because of their mood enhancing effect, the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary was featured by Bupa Dental Insurance as one of the top places to visit in Australia, sure to bring a smile to your face. As the leading destination in Kuranda, we can tell you from first-hand experience, everyone who comes to see the butterflies walks away not just smiling, but fully enchanted by nature.

The Colours of Nature

Being among nature and soaking in the rich greens of the rainforest and the bright colours of butterfly wings is a definite mood booster. Walking outdoors with vibrant flowers and butterflies crossing your visual plane is an excellent way to dispel every day worries. Pack your water bottle and your camera, and come out to see how beautiful Australia can be. You’ll leave feeling renewed, recharged, and filled with a sense of awe for nature’s most gentle of creatures.

A True Retreat from Hectic Modern Life

Our sanctuary is the largest in Australia and one of the largest anywhere in the world. Strolling through the exhibit, which more than 2000 mesmerising tropical butterfly and moth species call home, is one of the best ways to take a pause from your busy lifestyle and reconnect with nature. For the curious-minded, you can also check out our butterfly myths and legends exhibit or learn more about the butterfly life cycle at our on-site laboratory with a free guided tour.

A Magical Experience

No matter how old you are, there’s something magical about having a butterfly land on you, or flutter around your face. We have visitors, young and old, who find themselves spellbound by the butterflies in our sanctuary. Even the blokes end up enjoying it a lot more than they thought! 

We love to see the looks of wonder and awe on our guests’ faces, as they watch butterflies fly around them. In particular, children can’t help themselves when they are surrounded by the butterflies. 

In Bupa Dental Insurance ’s article, ‘Put a Smile on your Dial: Fun Places to Go!‘, the insurance company says ‘Children in particular are absolutely spellbound by the butterflies. Adults regularly try to keep them still so the butterflies can land on them, but the kids are too excited to stop moving.’

No matter how many times their parents tell them to keep still so a butterfly can land on them, the children can’t help but wriggle and squirm with delight!

Located in the heart of the magical Kuranda village, just a short drive north of Cairns, you will still be smiling when you leave our butterfly experience. Our sanctuary is surrounded by boutique cafes and restaurants, housed in the repurposed historic buildings of the village – and World Heritage Rainforest. Spend a day in one of the most beautiful natural retreats in the world and let your own spirit soar.