Clothes Moths
Fun Facts

Clothes Moths eat your clothes!

Moths that eat your clothes … who knew they existed?! Turns out they do – they’re called Clothes Moths! Of the thousands upon thousands of species of moths in the world, there are very few whose caterpillars will eat the fibres in clothing. However, there definitely are some – and these are called Clothes Moths! […]

how do butterflies fly
Fun Facts

How do butterflies fly?

How do butterflies fly? It’s not a simple as you might have thought! Firstly, it’s worth noting that butterflies have really big wings for the size of their bodies. In fact, new research shows butterflies’ wings are much larger than they need to fly and they can fly with half their wings missing! Because the […]

Fun Facts

Butterflies, lobsters and scorpions

Question: What do butterflies, lobsters and scorpions have in common? Answer: They all wear their skeletons on the outside! This is called an exoskeleton and all creatures that have their structure on the outside are included in the phylum of Arthropods. A large majority of arthropods belong to the three main groups: Insects –  Ants, […]

butterfly wings

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings are made up of Nano micro air layered structures scales, which diffract and interfere causing light waves to spread through the spaces between the structures to produce the vibrant colours on their wings.   Humans can only see red to violet in the light spectrum whereas butterflies see all colours including ultraviolet light. The […]

Butterfly Vision
Fun Facts

Butterfly Vision

Butterfly vision is different from birds and humans who both see from the red light spectrum through to violet. Butterflies see from the red spectrum through to ultra violet. This is very useful for the butterfly as they drink nectar from flowers and flowers fluoresce in the ultraviolet spectrum to attract butterflies to feed and […]