Clothes Moths eat your clothes!

Moths that eat your clothes … who knew they existed?! Turns out they do – they’re called Clothes Moths!

Of the thousands upon thousands of species of moths in the world, there are very few whose caterpillars will eat the fibres in clothing.

However, there definitely are some – and these are called Clothes Moths! Rest assured though, none of the moths that are attracted to the lights of your house at night are likely to be eating your clothes.

Clothes Moths belong to the family Tineidae and are quite small as adults – less than a centimetre long when at rest.

The caterpillars of these moths eat a variety of fibres, including wool, fur, hair, and sometimes linen, silk, and cotton.

Additionally, they may also eat leather, lint, dust, paper, and occasionally even certain synthetic fibres.

It’s safe to say, these aren’t the kinds of moths you want in your wardrobe!

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