Euodia Seedlings at Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

As you may have heard, the numbers of wild Ulysses Butterflies have dropped significantly in the last 12 months, and there has been a complete loss of the species in butterfly exhibits around the country, including our sanctuary. As you can imagine, this has prompted concern for the ongoing survival of the species.

However, there is hope that with research to identify the problem and associated action to resolve the issue, the numbers of Ulysses Butterflies will begin to increase and their chances of survival will become stronger.

To assist with this, we would love it if locals could plant the Ulysses Butterfly’s preferred host plant, the Euodia (Melicope elleryana), in their yards to provide the butterflies with somewhere to lay their eggs and a food source for the caterpillars.

After all, the very hungry caterpillars will want lots of food when they come out of their eggs!

To help with this, we will be selling the seedlings at our Kuranda-based operation from Friday 25th November at the cost price of $3.00.

If you can’t make it to Kuranda, alternate pick up locations can also be arranged in Cairns by contacting us directly.


The Euodia is a medium to large rainforest tree, with pink flowers appearing in summer, and a cork-like trunk, so not suitable for apartments.