silk moth
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Legend of the Silk Moth

There are many legends in China about the discovery of silk and the silk moth. One is about the Empress Lei Zu, wife of the Yellow Emperor. She was drinking tea under a tree when a cocoon fell into her cup. When she picked it out of the tea she found the end of a […]

battle of life
Fun Facts

The Battle for Life

It’s a dangerous world out there for butterflies and their battle for life. From the time an egg is laid it is in danger, eggs are a succulent morsel for small predators like mites, ants and spiders. Microscopic wasps will lay their egg inside a butterfly egg, then the wasp larvae will hatch out inside […]

Fun Facts, Our Butterflies

Friday Fun Fact – Osmeterium

The Osmeterium is a defence mechanism that all Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars have. Swallowtails are the big butterflies like Cairns Birdwings, Orchards and Ulysses. The osmeterium is an organ above the head of the caterpillar in the first body segment. If the caterpillar feels threatened, two bright red or orange horns pop out, as well as […]