Host Plants

We have approximately 3 acres of land on site that we use to grow host food plants to feed our caterpillars. The plants we grow are specific to various species as listed in the table below.

 Ulysses caterpillars Melicope elleryana trees
 Cairns Birdwing caterpillars Aristolochia tagala vines
 Orchard caterpillars Citrus, such as lemon and grapefruit trees
 Common eggfly caterpillars Asystasia  plants
 Cruiser, Orange Lacewing and Red Lacewing caterpillars Foetidia and Adenia heterophylla
 Australian Lurcher caterpillars Hemigraphis
 Silkmoth caterpillars Mulberry trees
 Hercules moth caterpillars Bleeding Heart and Glochidion trees

We are also in the process of introducing some more ‘seasonal’ species, so we are planting more host plants to feed these hungry caterpillars as well.