do butterflies sleep

Do Butterflies Sleep?

With fluttering wings adorned with vibrant patterns, butterflies certainly look like they are from a dream. But do butterflies sleep themselves? Today we delve into the common question: do butterflies sleep? Define Sleep For humans, sleep involves an oscillation of sleep cycles, ranging from a light sleep, to a deep REM sleep. As far as […]

butterfly wings

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings are made up of Nano micro air layered structures scales, which diffract and interfere causing light waves to spread through the spaces between the structures to produce the vibrant colours on their wings.   Humans can only see red to violet in the light spectrum whereas butterflies see all colours including ultraviolet light. The […]

Arctic Moth Caterpillar

Friday Fun Fact – Arctic Moth Caterpillar

Ever heard of the Arctic Moth Caterpillar? They have got to be one of the slowest growing caterpillars in the world, we think! Butterflies and moths are cold blooded insects, which means they are only active between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius. The majority of moths and butterflies are found in the tropics, but there […]