3 Favourite Butterfly Books for Kids

Butterfly Books

Kids books | Reading | Storytime | Butterfly Books | Early Learning   There’s nothing quite like story time with a good old-fashioned hard cover book. For many of us, story time built many memorable moments with family, friends and teachers. You know the ones … classic books like the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” are […]

What do Butterflies & Crustaceans have in Common?

Australian Lurcher caterpillar

exoskeleton | chitin | invertebrates | butterfly | morphology   Have you ever wondered what butterfly wings are made of? Believe it or not, they’re actually made of the same stuff found in crustaceans, spiders and all sorts of other invertebrates in the phylum Arthropoda. This ‘stuff’, we talk about in more detail below, is […]

4 Tips for Discovering Butterfly Eggs


4 Tips for Discovering Butterfly Eggs butterfly eggs | macrophotography | butterfly identification | new hobby| conservation Butterfly eggs aren’t the tiniest eggs on Planet Earth, but you will need optimal vision to see them. Despite their small size, butterfly eggs are fascinating to witness in nature. Most are perfectly round, some are domed with […]

In Our Garden: The Mesmerising Bat Flower

In Our Garden: The Mesmerising Bat Flower   Bat Flower | Tropical Garden | Exotic Flowers | Tacca spp. | Dioscoreaceae   When you see one of our bat flowers peering out from the leafy understory in our tropical garden, a similar response often echoes … wow! Indeed, bat flowers are unlike any other flowering […]

7 Ways You Can Help Butterflies and Moths

When butterflies and moths flourish, so do most birds, bats and freshwater fishes. As pollinators (day and night!), they help plant life as well. They recycle waste material too, by eating rotten flesh and vegetation. Did you know that some species – for example, the Ulysses butterfly – have been in decline over the last […]

The Ulysses Butterfly is back in the aviary

The Ulysses is back in the aviary!! For the first time since September last year (2022), we have some newly-released Ulysses in the Aviary. They’re a short-lived species, so if you want a chance to see one, get here quick! For some background, there was a catastrophic collapse in the breeding of the Ulysses back […]

A Moths Perspective – What Lights Are They Attracted To?

white witch moth worlds biggest moths

Most species of moth are nocturnal, which may be why you don’t see these beautiful creatures much. Scientists discovered that moths could slow their brain to allow them to see in dim light yet still fly, but this doesn’t explain how they fly in complete darkness. Almost all type of lighting works to attract moths. […]

14 Romantic Activities in Cairns for Couples

romantic activities in cairns for couples

Whether you’ve been married for 30 years, or are going on your second date, these romantic activities in Cairns for couples are sure to add a little extra heat to the tropics! Read on for 14 romantic activities in Cairns for couples that are so perfect, they are pretty much scenes from real life romance […]

10 Incredible Monarch Butterfly Facts

monarch butterfly australian butterfly sanctuary

Today we share 10 incredible Monarch Butterfly facts. The Monarch Butterfly species is undoubtedly one of the most iconic in the whole world. Here’s 10 Monarch Butterfly facts that will show these butterflies are just as interesting as they are beautiful. 1. They Have Slow Motion Clapping Wings The average butterfly flaps its wings around […]

10 School Holiday Activities in Kuranda

Looking for school holiday activities in Kuranda? From magical fairy quests, to adorable Australian animals, Kuranda has an abundance of activities to keep kids of all ages entertained. Today we’ve rounded up 10 school holiday activities in Kuranda that may just make these holidays the best yet! 1.Be Surrounded By Butterflies at The Australian Butterfly […]