Butterfly Releases for Weddings

We’ve talked about having your wedding at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, but did you know we can also help you with butterfly releases for weddings?

Releasing butterflies at weddings has become a popular new tradition. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to rice, confetti and balloons … and is a beautiful way to celebrate your union!

Kuranda Weddings

The butterfly has long been symbolic of new beginnings, good fortune and joy, so including them in your special day is the perfect way to start your marriage.

Upon release, the butterflies will flutter around you and your guests and may land on close-by objects. We recommend having plenty of colourful flowers in your bridal party’s bouquets, as the butterflies will be especially attracted to these.

The types of butterflies that you could expect in a release are Cruiser Butterflies, Commonegg Butterflies, Red Lace Wing Butterflies, Orange Lace Wing Butterflies, Lurcher Butterflies & Orchard Butterflies. The varieties will vary depending on seasonality and availability. We need a minimum of 1 months’ notice to be able to breed enough butterflies for your wedding. We are unable to release Ulysses Butterflies and Cairns Birdwing Butterflies.