do butterflies sleep

Do Butterflies Sleep?

With fluttering wings adorned with vibrant patterns, butterflies certainly look like they are from a dream. But do butterflies sleep themselves? Today we delve into the common question: do butterflies sleep? Define Sleep For humans, sleep involves an oscillation of sleep cycles, ranging from a light sleep, to a deep REM sleep. As far as […]

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Quiz: What Butterfly Are You?

What butterfly are you? It doesn’t get much more majestic than butterflies! But have you ever wondered which of these beautiful fluttering insects best represents you? Take our quiz to find our what butterfly you are!   Ready to meet your butterfly counterpart in the flesh? Book a visit to the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary!  

food plant walk australian butterfly sanctuary

New Food Plant Walk

Ever wondered how on earth we manage to feed over 1500 tropical butterflies a day? Pondered over what plant a Cairns Birdwing Butterfly eats or how much a Hercules Moth caterpillar consumes? Our brand new food plant walk is here to provide answers to all your buzzing, fluttering questions… The latest attraction at the Australian […]

chequered swallowtail butterfly
Fun Facts, Our Butterflies

Chequered Swallowtail Butterfly: 5 Amazing Facts

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary has recently welcomed back the Chequered Swallowtail Butterfly! Scientifically known as Papilio demoleus, this intricately-patterned cream and black butterfly is widespread throughout Australia. To celebrate our newest arrival, we’ve decided to share five incredible facts about this pretty little critter… 1. The Chequered Swallowtail Doesn’t Have A Tail Although this butterfly […]