Our History

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is part of the Woodward Family CaPTA Group, which was founded by Charles and Pip Woodward.

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary was established by Paul and Sue Wright and opened its doors in 1987.

In April 2004 the CaPTA Group purchased a 50% share of the business and in 2005 the laboratory was opened to the public. In July 2007, CaPTA acquired full ownership and today the attraction continues to be a much loved attraction to visitors locally, domestically and internationally.

History of the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

1987- The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary was created by Paul and Sue Wright.

1989- The park wins a Guinness World Record for the “largest butterfly farm in the world”

2004- Charles and Pip Woodward purchased 50% ownership with Paul and Sue.

2005- The breeding laboratory opened to the public.

2005- Charles and Pip Woodward launch The CaPTA Group as an umbrella company.

2007- The CaPTA Group purchase the other 50% of the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary and now have full ownership.

2009- Team members Fokje Nube, Melinda Nokolich and Carolyn Gregg celebrate 10 years service.

2015- Butterfly Lovers Bridge and gazebo open.

2019- New Fairy Garden opens and new Food Plant Walk established.

australian butterfly sanctuary history
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