orange migrant caterpillars
Fun Facts

Orange Migrant Caterpillars

Here in the sanctuary, we have around 70 Orange Migrant caterpillars that should pupate in the next week.  2 to 3 weeks after pupation, they will emerge … just before Christmas! Merry Christmas to us!  Source: Caterpillar photos: Australian Butterfly Sanctuary Butterfly photo:

Fun Facts

New Aviary sign

We’ve had so many new butterflies in the aviary recently, we needed to make a new aviary sign! Keep an eye out for it next time you visit – it will help you identify some of our new species that are flying around the aviary. Remember, some of our butterflies are seasonal so you may […]


Euodia Seedlings at Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

As you may have heard, the numbers of wild Ulysses Butterflies have dropped significantly in the last 12 months, and there has been a complete loss of the species in butterfly exhibits around the country, including our sanctuary. As you can imagine, this has prompted concern for the ongoing survival of the species. However, there is […]

Fun Facts

Caterpillars as food?!

I have often joked that if food gets scarce, we may have to resort to eating caterpillars and now there are serious scientists saying the same thing! Eating insects may not seem appetizing, but John Coupland, PhD, CFS, Professor of Food Science at Penn State University and spokesperson for the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), […]

butterfly courtship

Ulysses Butterfly Decline

As you may have heard, we’re currently experiencing a complete loss of Ulysses Butterflies in our sanctuary and a significant decline in numbers in the wild. You can read more about it here. We wanted to share a bit more information with you about the situation, including what we have been doing to date. What’s […]

caper white butterfly migration

Caper White Butterfly Migration

The Caper White Butterfly migration is on again! Every 6 to 10 years, South East Queensland and Brisbane have a huge influx of Caper White butterflies. They migrate east, over the Great Dividing Range looking for food plant to lay their eggs. There is no simple answer as to why this happens. It could be […]

butterfly feeders
Park Diary

New Butterfly Feeders

We have new butterfly feeders! After 29 years, our original feeders are starting to wear out and the product is no longer available. Additionally, some of our new species only have short proboscis that couldn’t reach the nectar through the old feeder lids. Tina, our Lab Supervisor, has designed new feeders that have different colours. […]