Tawny Coster
Fun Facts

Tawny Coster – a new butterfly!

A bright orange butterfly called Tawny Coster has now established itself across much of northern Australia. Dr Michael Braby, who first identified them after reports from a local naturalist, said “When they fly they seem to reflect the sunlight quite vividly so they look almost like a hot flame”. The Tawny Coster has spread east […]

Fun Facts

New Species of Moths on Kangaroo Island

A new species of moths have been discovered on Kangaroo Island, off South Australia. This new moth is very small, less than 1cm, so it’s no wonder nobody noticed it before. It has gold and purple metallic wings with feathered edges. They only live one day and in that time they emerge, dry their wings, […]

protein-eating butterflies
Fun Facts

Protein-eating Butterflies

All living organisms need proteins that provide building blocks for cells and are crucial for the body’s healthy growth and development. Did you know that protein-eating butterflies exist? Most butterflies build their own proteins from amino acids (components of protein) they get from nectar. However, there are other species of butterflies that require much more proteins […]