butterfly courtship
Fun Facts, Our Butterflies

Friday Fun Fact – Butterfly Courtship

Butterfly courtship is often very beautiful to watch. The male butterfly shows off his handsome colours – he’s usually very good looking! By following the lady butterfly and mimicking her movements, he’s trying to prove that he’s ‘got the moves’ – that he’s the best flyer around. The final courtship manoeuvre by the male is to […]

territorial butterflies
Fun Facts, Our Butterflies

Friday Fun Fact – Territorial Butterflies

Did you know? Some species of butterflies can be quite territorial. For example, Common Eggfly butterflies are some of the most territorial butterflies around. They will choose one spot that they consider to be theirs, and chase away any intruders including Cairns Birdwings which are more than twice their size. Walking through the Butterfly Sanctuary, you often […]