Caterpillar Pupation
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Friday Fun Fact – Caterpillar Pupation

Caterpillar pupation is the life stage when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly or moth. The pupa stage is found only in beetles, butterflies and moths, flies, and wasps, which undergo a complete metamorphosis. They go through four life stages: embryo (egg), larva (child), pupa (pubescence) and imago (adult). The pupa of a butterfly is […]

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10 Butterfly Houses around the World

We are very proud to announce we’ve been named one of the Top 10 Beautiful Butterfly Houses From Around The World in a recent article by The Culture Trip. We have been listed alongside some incredible places such as The Vienna Schmetterlinghaus, or Imperial Butterfly House (Austria), the Penang Butterfly Farm (Malaysia) and the Butterfly Pavilion (USA). Our […]

silk moths
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Friday Fun Fact – Silk Moths

At the moment the butterfly sanctuary has silk moths and silk worms/caterpillars on display. The mulberry silkmoth, also known as Bombyx mori or Chinese Silkworm, were first cultivated in China 5,000 years ago. As they’ve been domesticated, the silkworm moth now lives only in captivity as they have lost the ability to fly. One cocoon […]